Will Obama Be Re-elected?

“Who is going to win the elections this November?” I think most of us do not even ask this question, because most of us think the answer is pretty obvious. As the answer to the question “Will Obama be re-elected?”

I can assure you, the situation for example  in Russia is pretty similar. And Putin did get re-elected. It looked like Medvedev was a temporary replacement. People say: it is the illusion of choice, because well, do people actually have it?

Of course Russia and America are very different and it is not right comparing them like this. But still.

There has always been a lot of resentment when it comes to elections. When there is one and the same president whom people seem to not like wins the elections over and over again, there is a natural question: are the results falsified? The answer is: maybe.

But let me tell you something: why do you think this is not possible that this win was real? People tend to choose something that is familiar. No one likes this kind of surprises, especially that surprises in politics are usually unpleasant. The road to success and good life is long and it doesn’t happen unexpectedly. Only a fail can be unexpected.

Anyway, what I am saying is: Of course Putin would win in Russia and of course Obama is going to get re-elected. And there is no need in falsifying the results, people will choose Obama, because with him in charge situation did improve a little. Choosing him is a guarantee that thing are going to be more or less ok. And because he is obviously better than Romney.

Just like Putin was obviously better that any other candidate, as most of them are clowns (I am sorry, but it’s true).

Everybody screams about politicians being dishonest, people call the liars or even thieves, it seems like cab drivers know better how to rule the country. Of course this is ridiculous. There are no perfect rulers, we have to admit that. The job of a president is one of the least appreciated ones, no matter how hard a person tries, he is going to be bad in the eyes of people. It is not the easiest job. And of course I have to admit that people can be deprived of power, but we will never know how much effort politicians make to make our lives better. Maybe they do a really bad job. Or maybe they do the best they can. At the end of the day we will vote for something familiar, we will vote for stability. Because we realize, that could be worse. Obama is definitely better than George W. Bush and Putin is better than Eltsine. We can just hope that the chain of improvements will not brake and they will continue.

Of course there is a plenty or smart people who have proper education, so there are people who can rule the country much better, but for some reason we don’t get to choose out of them. I am not going to talk about why – it is the whole other topic.

So after all, out of all the given candidates, the best one always wins.

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3 thoughts on “Will Obama Be Re-elected?

  1. if the best one always wins, that means obama is the best one 🙂 he has allready won once!!!! i sure hope and pray he wins again!!!!!!!!!

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