4 Historical Myths About Sex

1. Restraint Of Victorian Age People


I bet you’ve read a lot of historical ‘facts’ about Victorian Age and its restraint. For example, that showing an ankle was unacceptable for a woman. There is a legend that Queen Victoria gave her daughter an advice before her wedding night with her husband. She told her to lay on the back and think about England. There is a joke about Victorian Age sex, like even if two people decided to have sex, they would have to deal with so many layers of clothes that the whole act wasn’t worth bothering.


Strict rules and moral principles took place in Victorian Age… while on public. One can judge people’s private life by tons of porn pictures from this age. The themes of the pictures can make a modern person flush: incest, rape, orgy, threesomes, pedophilia, sadism, masochism – anything a pervert could dream about.

As for Queen Victoria’s sanctimony, you can read her diaries to make sure Her Majesty was obsessed with sex, and her 9 children prove this fact.

2. Puritans and their Puritan Attitude To Sex


We used to believe that Puritans despised sex and tried to clean this world from anything that could possibly create any shameful associations.


Premarital sex was forbidden, that’s true. This social restriction had lead to a lot of premature marriages. Actually, 1 of 3 women was pregnant when got married.

But married couples never knew any restrictions in bed. According to some evidences, they had sex literally everywhere: on the porch, in the fields between the rows of beans and carrots, on the cemetery, etc.

Servants usually used kitchen as a sexodrome. By the way, before XIX, Puritan Church considered sexual pleasure to be one of spouses’ obligatory duties. Impotency or low libido were good reasons for a divorce.

3. Orthodox Jews Had Sex Through The Sheets


You have probably seen some pseudo historical movies that shown how religious Jewish women put some sort of sheet with a hole for a head during the coitus so that their husbands couldn’t see their naked body.


There are no orthodox laws that forbid Jews to have sex without clothes. Moreover, they are not allowed to have sex in any kind of clothes. Thus, all those sex scenes you see on the TV are just fake. Most likely, this ‘sheet’ myth is an interpreted version of Jewish traditional underwear called tallit katan. Indeed, it resembles sheet.

4. Feudalists Could Rape Their Peasants’ Wives On Wedding Night


«Jus primae noctis» has turned into a symbol of medieval barbarianism. You can see such scenes in various movies live “Braveheart» «Le mariage de Figaro»


There are no historical documents to prove this myth. Basically, the law that allows a master to have sex with his servants’ wives has never existed.

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