Twitter – Efficient News Platform

The development of technology provides us with new means of sharing news and staying in touch. Twitter which was originally developed as a version of popular social networks has soon become a popular and powerful news resource. There is no need to watch news blocks on TV or read newspapers any more if you are sitting in Twitter. However, this method of getting informed has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Twitter can provide you with news as fast as can be imagined as the users post information practically the same instant the event is happening. Though twits usually do not contain the full account of the events it may be viewed as an effective alert system by the news reporters.

Besides, news posted in Twitter is usually of objective character, as they are not falsified by the government but provided by average eyewitnesses which makes it possible to perceive the situation from different points of view. However, as both professional and non professional news makers have free access to Twitter the accuracy of data may be doubtful.

Another peculiarity of getting informed through Twitter is the necessity to search for valuable information hidden among the piles of irrelevant stuff. To make this process easier a new site, Twopular was recently launched. Twopular works as a hot trend tracker developed especially for Twitter and provides you with links to the users who discuss the topics you are interested in. The search page of Twitter will also help you to find trend news though it does not work as effective as Twopular.

The availability of Twitter makes it possible to cover the news in the regions with limited publicity. For example, during the protests in Iran and Burma the rest of the world received the news through Twitter. This news platform allowed to learn about the death of protester Neda Soltan, who was shoot. The news on natural disasters such as forest fires in California or earthquake near New Zealand were also spread by Twitter first while official news platforms were still unaware of these events.

Twitter has not gained the status of an official news platform yet, but more and more people tend to rely on it more than on other sources of information. Its availability, objectivity and the speed of spreading news make Twitter a powerful means of media. It also allows people to feel like the participants of news making process.

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