Will Obama Be Re-elected?

“Who is going to win the elections this November?” I think most of us do not even ask this question, because most of us think the answer is pretty obvious. As the answer to the question “Will Obama be re-elected?”

I can assure you, the situation for example  in Russia is pretty similar. And Putin did get re-elected. It looked like Medvedev was a temporary replacement. People say: it is the illusion of choice, because well, do people actually have it?

Of course Russia and America are very different and it is not right comparing them like this. But still.

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Private Photos of Prince Harry Were Published by TMZ

The participants of the party where the Prince Harry was present aim to sell the private photo of the Prince to the media agencies as reported by BBC website. The BBC public relations consultant Max Clifford claims that two women applied to the agency with the request to buy the photos from them independently of each other. But Max Clifford refused to purchase these photos. He admitted that the reason for his firm “no” was the active participation of the prince in welfare work and his military service in the British army.

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Celebrities And Politics: What Do They Have In Common?

Celebs have everything a mere mortal can dream of: fame, money, love of the public, success… but apparently, modern celebrities are to be noticed on the political arena every now and then. What do they do it for? More money? Power? Appreciation? Or maybe it is all about popularity? Remember Madonna and her criticism of McCain’s political strategy? Or George Clooney who was the most devoted supporter of Barack Obama? Moreover, celebs’ political activity sometimes spreads far beyond criticism or support and they join the ranks of politics.

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The most attractive politicians

Do you think for those who govern a state everything beautiful is alien? You are so wrong! In the state machine of almost each country you may find a stunning female politician.

Let’s start with Maria Carfagna. First of all we should mention an Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is capable of making shocking acts. So when one day he appointed a former model Carfagna a minister, nobody was surprised. And nobody cared. She has an experience of being not only a model and TV presenter, but she also had a degree in law. So her level of education gave her right to be a full member of Parliament. And to bear a title of the most beautiful minister in the world. We are not against of it.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

These ladies are known all around the world. These beautiful women, actresses, singers caused a sensation. They all are presidents’ mistresses.
Let’s start with one of the most dangerous and stunning lady, who was noticed in company of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States- Marilyn Monroe. Their relationships became one of the most favorite topic of discussion in the USA. The actress met Kennedy in the middle of 1960 being on vacation near Lake Tahoe. It should be pointed out that first of all John’s younger brother Robert but not John attracted Monroe’s attention.
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