Online Writing Competitions

The writing competitions existed long before there appeared the online ones and usually were quite long as the work of the authors were sent via mail. The jury though consisted of the well-known and respectful writers. The winner was lucky to be accepted to the writers society and the way to the great literature became open for him. The vast amount of the present-day contests are held by the amateurs and the skills of the competitors don’t always exceed the ones of the jury. But there are still some annual competitions that provide a real free pass to the literature Olympus for the talented authors. There are many experienced writers participating n these contests as well as the gifted beginners who present their first works.

To tell the truth the last have little chance to win the prize as their works are commonly flunk out at the starter stage of the competition and rarely reach the maiters’ eyes. To make your work noticeable you should have either the profound knowledge and outstanding skills or be a prodigy.

The beginners may try their writing skills in the interactive competitions where they have the opportunity to read the comments on their works. Commonly the jury of such contests consists of the participants themselves and the best work is determined via the open voting. The battles royal are not a rare thing that happen during the discussion. The self-esteem of the young authors often doesn’t coincide with the others’ view of their artworks.

Anyway if you decide to take part in such competition take it easy and don’t consider it to be the serious criticism of your talent. Don’t trust completely the opinion of the jury if you suppose writing to be nothing more than a pleasant hobby. Take into consideration your mistakes pointed out and continue creating new works.

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