How we face problems

We all face problems from time to time, especially in relationship with the others. And our reaction on such problems can be different. But the scientists say, there are only 3 types of it:

1) fight 2) passivity, and 3) flight.

1) Fight is the most natural and the healthiest reaction. The body and mind doesn’t stand psychosomatic damage. The gotten strike is transformed into a retaliatory response. But such an act may result some negative consequences. A man can enter a circle of constant aggression. And finally he’ll meet someone who is stronger than him and who crushes him.

2) Passivity means to swallow the insult and to behave the way nobody can notice aggression. This behavior is quite common for nowadays. It is called an action ban. We want to strike the opponent, but we understand that it can lead to further problems and we have to restrain rage. And the blow our opponent didn’t get reverts to us in the form of psychosomatic diseases: cancer, psoriasis, neuralgia, rheumatism.

3)Flight is the third way. There are several types of escape.

– Chemical flight: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, antidepressants, tranquillizers, sleeping pills. They allow to erase from one’s memory aggression or at least mitigate it. But this kind of escape blurs the perception of reality, and a man can’t apprehend life and pain.

-Geographical flight: it is the incessant change of place of residence. We are changing jobs, friends, lovers, apartments. But the problems travel with us. We don’t solve them this way, but feel way better changing the scenery.

-Artistic flight: it’s the transformation of one’s rage, anger, pain into making pieces of art – movie, music, novels, sculptures, painting. Something we don’t allow ourselves to say or do can be said by our imaginary characters.It may effect a catharsis. The viewers watch the hero taking vengeance on his enemies, and also get relief.

Think about it and use the optimal solution for your problems, which will bring you relief and won’t bother the others.

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