4 Historical Myths About Sex

1. Restraint Of Victorian Age People


I bet you’ve read a lot of historical ‘facts’ about Victorian Age and its restraint. For example, that showing an ankle was unacceptable for a woman. There is a legend that Queen Victoria gave her daughter an advice before her wedding night with her husband. She told her to lay on the back and think about England. There is a joke about Victorian Age sex, like even if two people decided to have sex, they would have to deal with so many layers of clothes that the whole act wasn’t worth bothering.

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How we face problems

We all face problems from time to time, especially in relationship with the others. And our reaction on such problems can be different. But the scientists say, there are only 3 types of it:

1) fight 2) passivity, and 3) flight.

1) Fight is the most natural and the healthiest reaction. The body and mind doesn’t stand psychosomatic damage. The gotten strike is transformed into a retaliatory response. But such an act may result some negative consequences. A man can enter a circle of constant aggression. And finally he’ll meet someone who is stronger than him and who crushes him.

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Upshifting – Reverse Change of Priorities

Several years ago it was extremely popular to leave big cities for the relaxed life on some exotic islands. However, sometimes this downshifting presented the illusion of escape rather than moving in the right direction. Now people tend to return to civilization, and this up-shifting process should not be viewed as the crash of golden downshifter’s dream, but as a new stage of personal development.

For people milled by megalopolises downshifting seems to be the solution of all problems and the cure of all spiritual diseases. Of course, it is difficult to solve the problems of unhappy marriage, very much hated job and crazy rhyme of life one by one. It is far easier to buy a ticket, rent an apartment and leave all this mess behind. However, the joy from this escape disappears as fast as the effect of placebo medicine. Downshifting is an escape from external problems, but you will by no means run from yourself. Sitting on the beach and listening to the sounds of the sea you will face the real you, defenseless in front of your sufferings and reflection. The fact is, the laws of human society work in any place be it Manhattan or Goa. If you are not satisfied with your relations with the world, the escape will not help you much.

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