Private Photos of Prince Harry Were Published by TMZ

The participants of the party where the Prince Harry was present aim to sell the private photo of the Prince to the media agencies as reported by BBC website. The BBC public relations consultant Max Clifford claims that two women applied to the agency with the request to buy the photos from them independently of each other. But Max Clifford refused to purchase these photos. He admitted that the reason for his firm “no” was the active participation of the prince in welfare work and his military service in the British army.

In 2009 the Princes William and Harry founded the organization that is aimed to provide financial help for the various groups of the society as well as the state institutions. The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry also supports the British military officers. The Prince Harry takes part in supporting the other funds which provide financial help for the military men. In 2011 he joined the expedition of the British amputee veterans.

Private photos of the young Prince in the company of other people in one of the Las Vegas hotels were published by the American internet portal TMZ. All the pictures were shot via cell phone. The young people were playing billiard and drinking alcoholic beverages.

No one can predict the possible consequences of this incident. The image of the Prince Harry is likely to come to harm. The Royal family is going to attend the Closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games on the 9th of September.

According to the reports of the British media the leak of the private photos made all the members of the Royal family literally mad. The official representatives of the Royal family have applied to Press Complaints Commission requesting to prohibit publishing of these photos as they were shot without the Prince’s permission.

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