The Largest Advertising Constructions in the World

It seems that advertising becomes bigger and bigger every day not only in terms of its popularity but in terms of the size itself. In order to attract the attention of consumers advertising companies make promo constructions nearly the size of the Moon. These giant constructions are interesting not only due to their size but to the creative approach as well. Every major company is eager to occupy the leading position on the market by creating some vivid and unforgettable advertising product.

Probably, the biggest advertising in the world was grown by the promo agency to greet the tourists on the Football European Championship 2008. It took four months to grow an inscription “No. 1 in football and still growing” which is made of wheat, cotton and flowers and occupies the square which is equal to fifty football fields.

The largest logo in the world belongs to the Coca-Cola Company and is situated in the desert in the northern part of Chile. This logo is fifty meters high and 120 meters long and is made of seventy thousands empty Coca-Cola bottles. Beneath this logo you can see the inscription “100 anos” which symbolizes the centenary of the company.

The greatest advertising of shaving in the world was created in the Great Britain for the Wimbledon 2011. A face of Roger Federer was drawn on the field with the help of 3000 liters of paint. The face is the size of 70×50 meters. Then more than 100 liters of shaving foam was added to this face and removed by a lawn mower to create the greatest shaving for the Gillette Company.

Nokia attracts the attention of its customers by the largest way mark in the world which is situated in London on the height of fifty meters. You just type the place you are interested in the navigation system of your Nokia phone and this way mark turns into the right direction. This process is really fascinating as the sign weighs about more than two tones.

The largest ecological billboard is made by the international promo agency Adroc. It is one and a half kilometers long and performs 450 joint sections. The creators of this advertising are proud of the fact that all sections are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials.

The biggest advertising on the building presents the image of Optimus Prime and is situated on the wall of Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. It occupies the area of about 9000 square meters.

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