Upshifting – Reverse Change of Priorities

Several years ago it was extremely popular to leave big cities for the relaxed life on some exotic islands. However, sometimes this downshifting presented the illusion of escape rather than moving in the right direction. Now people tend to return to civilization, and this up-shifting process should not be viewed as the crash of golden downshifter’s dream, but as a new stage of personal development.

For people milled by megalopolises downshifting seems to be the solution of all problems and the cure of all spiritual diseases. Of course, it is difficult to solve the problems of unhappy marriage, very much hated job and crazy rhyme of life one by one. It is far easier to buy a ticket, rent an apartment and leave all this mess behind. However, the joy from this escape disappears as fast as the effect of placebo medicine. Downshifting is an escape from external problems, but you will by no means run from yourself. Sitting on the beach and listening to the sounds of the sea you will face the real you, defenseless in front of your sufferings and reflection. The fact is, the laws of human society work in any place be it Manhattan or Goa. If you are not satisfied with your relations with the world, the escape will not help you much.

Downshifting can be viewed as an opportunity to make a break, calm down and review your priorities. But the real development can be hardly associated with the word “down”. It is more like a temporary sanatorium which you will leave with straitened shoulders and ready to ascent to a happy life and successful carrier. Actually, it is what upshifting is about – taking a new start after realization your real needs and finding the most effortless and suitable for you ways to satisfy them. After all, the rise which follows the fall is the law of life.

An active person can not cease to be busy, and the lazy life style of a downshifter will start to annoy them after a month or two. The one thing downshifting can teach you is how to but choose more pleasant decorations for your activity which will lead to the growth of the efficiency of work and the decrease of pressure. Some downshifters do not return to their big cities but create the pattern of successful and active life in a chosen place.

The word “upshift” means switching to a higher speed, but if to use the metaphorical approach to this concept it can be viewed rather than switching to a more convenient mode, more sensitive self-understanding, a wider step towards the life of your dream. Upshifters in modern society are people who have conquered their fears and got out of their hammocks to perform the search for themselves and to grow up to a new phase of life.

All in all, upshifting is a change of quality of life, which makes you feel happier and more confident. You define your priorities and learn to spend your efforts only on the things which are worth it.

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