How to get turned on by your fat husband

Finding your love is not as difficult as it seems. You meet, first you start liking each other then you fall in love. But keeping your love is a challenge. When all the passion has gone away you can try to re-capture it. Here are some thoughts:

1. You can look at your husband from behind (you can’t see his belly this way), and imagine he looks like Ryan Gosling or Joe Manganiello. When you do this ‘exercise’ the main thing is – to prevent your husband from turning around and ruining the impression. While looking at him from behind you can face the following issue – the bold. You can buy him a hat as a gift and ask him to wear it. Your husband doesn’t have to know what you are doing.

2. There is one more way to get turned on by your barrel-bellied bold husband. This time you have to turn around and look other way. Ask him to talk dirty to you. But this may acquire some additional exercise, because you are probably used to imagining your husband when you hear his voice. So you may want to make time and look at his young pictures back from the time when he was smoking hot. Keep that picture in mind when you listen to what he is saying and imagine he is still sexy. The important thing about this exercise is – do not let your hubby get too close, if his belly accidentally touches your back it is going to ruin your fantasy.

3. When making love to him you have two options – you can tell him you want to play a little game and do it with your eyes closed or do it in the position where you can’t see or feel his belly.

And Good Luck!

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