How to Get the Job of Your Dream

Launching the business of your own starts often not with finding investors or finances, though it is also very important, but with learning the mechanisms of organizing successful company, usually from the inside. Most of businessmen begin like the workers on the company which they later begin to manage or use like the example for creating their own business n the same sphere. The first step is to get the work which will become a good basis for your future carrier development.

According to the opinion of the most business coaches you should search not for a particular job but for the company where you would like to work. By entering the desired company in the role of, for example, of a secretary you will be able to change your position soon and occupy the post which is closer to the sphere of your professional interests.

Another approach you may use to get the job you want is to start like a trainee. The method of hiring trainees is widely used nowadays as it provides advantages for both the company and the employee. The company receives an opportunity to, so to say, “bring up” a good specialist according to its own requests and preferences, and the trainee is given a chance to study the details of business from the inside. Note, however, that some companies provide themselves with constant inflow of free labor. So, do not be afraid to ask about the terms of official hiring during the first interview.

If your first interview with the employer was not successful ask about the reasons of the refusal. If the reason is the lack of some skills you can try to develop them and come to the same company once again to demonstrate that you have paid attention to the employer’s recommendations and acquired the requested skill. Do not be afraid to look annoying – most companies will appreciate that you are so greatly interested in getting this job. Sometimes it can be only a small detail which is need to occupy the post of your dream. Just ask politely about the skills you should develop according to the employer’s opinion. For example, you can be asked to improve your English – and the place is yours.

In case you have already entered the desired company but there is no perspectives for promotion, do not forget that you should not only perform well at work but also create some personal connections with other employees. You never know who will help you to get a promotion.

Finally, if you really want to achieve result, be persistent. Some companies value the personal qualities of the employees and they will view your persistence as an advantage. If the company did not call you back after the interview you can call them first and ask of their decision. Trying to get a job is not like dating – there is no need to be shy or to pretend to be indifferent. Persistence and ability to overcome difficulties will help you in future, when you decide to launch the business of your own.

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