The most attractive politicians

Do you think for those who govern a state everything beautiful is alien? You are so wrong! In the state machine of almost each country you may find a stunning female politician.

Let’s start with Maria Carfagna. First of all we should mention an Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is capable of making shocking acts. So when one day he appointed a former model Carfagna a minister, nobody was surprised. And nobody cared. She has an experience of being not only a model and TV presenter, but she also had a degree in law. So her level of education gave her right to be a full member of Parliament. And to bear a title of the most beautiful minister in the world. We are not against of it.

In Russia Alina Kabaeva is known better as a gymnast, and many of her sport records still couldn’t be broken. Alina has 18 medals from the world championships, two Olympic medals and 25 awards from the European championships. However, in 2007, Kabaeva decided to leave the gym and to try herself in politics. Judging by the ratings, we can say that her political career is on the rise.

Jana Pořízková is not a minister, but she works in Parliament. She started her career as a public relations professional, and now she supervises social issues of the Czech Republic. Jana was brave enough to have her erotic photo for popular calendar taken, and that helped Jana and her group a lot.

Anna Maria Galojan was recognized as one of the most important people for Estonia. This unique lady is creative in everything, even in the way of protesting. When she was accused of misusing of public money for her clothes, she made her naked pictures taken and published in the famous magazine ‘Playboy’. And this is the right form of protest to my mind.

Emma Kiernan is going next. The scandal connected with the brash photos in the social nets, is not quite clear for us: Emma is a 27 year old beautiful lady, and to have some fun sometimes is pretty normal. Anyway thanks to that scandal, people started to vote for her. A good start for a person who is eager to get into politics, isn’t it?

Barbara Steeman with her naked pictures also became the reason of contentions in Belgium. She’s extremely beautiful, though she’s not a Hollywood star, but a real specialist and a great beaver. Keeping in mind she lives and works in the area with the population of 40 thousand people, it becomes clear, why so many people were outraged by Barbara’s self-expression.

So, let’s not forget about Vera Lischka from Poland; a member of the Hellenic Parliament Eva Kaili, a Canadian politician Ruby Dhalla, Orly Levy-Abekasis from Israel, an Italian minister of tourism Michela Vittoria Brambilla and Sabina Uitslag from the Netherlands. These beautiful stunning ladies are a great proof that beauty and intellect can be found in one woman.

So rejoice for those who desire to coincide with the possibilities!

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