Online Education – Prospect of the Future

The issue of receiving a degree or diploma still remains an important factor if you want to achieve something in life. However, the ways you can reach this aim have changed considerably. Only a few years ago it seemed impossible to receive diploma without leaving home and undertaking the whole process of studying with campus life and crazy students’ parties as well. Now it is widely predicted that in future these attributes of educational process will become memories, as online education has started its development and has already gained respect of the members of the educational institutes in different countries.

But before rushing forward with a desire to get your degree without much effort and without moving to some unknown university campus I advise you to think about pros and cons of the process of studying online.

It should be noted, that this type of education will not suit everybody. You need to be a strong-willed and responsible person, as you will receive little support while completing assignments and exams and you will need to find the resources for preparation independently. Besides, online education is not for you if you are a kind of person who needs to be constantly motivated and pushed forward. On live classes this task is performed by your more successful mates or a severe professor, but if you attend virtual lessons you remain all on your own. Another disadvantage of this online technology concerns the absence of social interaction and campus atmosphere. There will be no parties and morning hangovers, no living together with your fellow classmates in one room and hating each other or, who knows, becoming the best friends. Student years are the craziest ones but if you choose online education you will be deprived of these great memories.

Do not think that I am against online education; I just believe that you should consider the whole matter carefully before making your choice. The advantages of this technology are numerous and essential ones. The price on this education is usually cheaper, and this method provides also a great availability. It is the best option for disabled students and for those who have deep fear of leaving home and communicating with lots of strangers. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to organize your own schedule and even combine receiving your diploma with creating your carrier. So, if you are a self-organized person and you know what you need in life, online education is for you.

Lots of programs of online education were launched by different institutes, so you are provided with lots of opportunities. One of the greatest projects for now is edX. EdX presents a joint partnership of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The aim of this program is to create a worldwide community of online learners and design a teaching method especially for the web. About sixty million dollars were already invested in this project and the researchers predict that it is only a beginning.

There is also an option for you to combine online and live education. The program is called Hybrid Education and combines the features of the two methods – you study online but you also have to attend classes for check every week or two

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