Pick me, pick me up!

We all know that higher education is truly important in our life. Knowledge that we get during the years of studying will be extremely useful in finding the right job and in future career. But how about our private life? Is there kind of education, which we can get and learn for example, how to deal, with the opposite sex?
There is one, actually. I bet you’ve heard about the ‘pick-up’ courses for men. On these courses boys can get an idea of the special set of manners and ways of behavior that allow a guy to pull a girl into the bed in a short period of time with minimal efforts. Pickuppers differ from the ordinary ladies’ men by the scientific approach to the issue of the quick pickup and a very cynical attitude to the object of seduction. Pick-up has both negative and positive sides. It depends on ‘the user’ of these techniques.
I think that almost every girl has experienced the pick-up tricks at least once in her life. And the attitude of the ladies to this social movement is quite negative, which is clear. But the pick-up should be examined from the other side. The thing is that these courses are mostly taken by shy men who don’t know how to deal with ladies. The ideology of this social phenomena is based on the theory that one shouldn’t wait for bounties from nature, but reach the aims himself. This is a pretty useful skill, isn’t it?

And the other positive aspect of such exercises is that men are taught to take care of themselves. I don’t see anything terrible in it either, just the other way round.
The worst part of the pick-up is that the overwhelming majority of the members of this movement are young men who’re obsessed with the only idea: to sleep with the girl and then to brag about the new ‘victim’ before his friends.
Such men consider sex right after the meeting to be the ‘higher aerobatics’ of the pick-up. The most vile thing they learn on their courses is how to seduce naive inexperienced girls.
During the last 3 years I’ve met at least 5 ‘pick-up guru’ and not less than 15 their students with different level of mastery. Still, it’s not quite easy to recognize a pick-up boy. The girls should know some common tricks pickuppers use to prevent falling into their arms at once. ( in case a girl doesn’t want it herself, of course)
The boys are tough to shock and arouse the girl’s interest right in the moment of meeting telling something unexpected, like ‘ Don’t you know where the nearest place for kisses is situated?’
While pickupping the boys use lots of touches. They slightly touch a girl’s elbow or hair, thoroughly following up her reaction. Pickuppers are fond of so-called ‘hot-and-cold’ game: to be nice to a girl and immediately change it into being indifferent. That’s how women usually do, and I should confess it always works. Moreover pickuppers give not much information about themselves: mystery is truly attractive.
Well, girls, I hope now it will be easier to recognize a pickupper in your new admirer. If you have enough of self-respect, you’d rather not give access to your body for at least a month. If a boy starts to pressure you, if he’s nervous and gets colder with each day of continence, you’d better kick him off from your head. He has no time to wait, and he’d rather find another cutie to make one more chipping mark on his bed.

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