Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

These ladies are known all around the world. These beautiful women, actresses, singers caused a sensation. They all are presidents’ mistresses.
Let’s start with one of the most dangerous and stunning lady, who was noticed in company of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States- Marilyn Monroe. Their relationships became one of the most favorite topic of discussion in the USA. The actress met Kennedy in the middle of 1960 being on vacation near Lake Tahoe. It should be pointed out that first of all John’s younger brother Robert but not John attracted Monroe’s attention.

Only in 1961,when John Kennedy became a president, they started taking up. Their relationships developed rapidly, and that fact could not but disturb many people. The head of the FBI was shocked and he blamed John for his relationships with an inveterate alcoholic and drug addict. He thought it could be dangerous for the security of the United States. Their romance was quite brief. When Monroe was found dead in her apartment, the official version was suicide. Nevertheless, there were some evidences of at least one more person presence in her room. Most of the Americans are still sure that Monroe was killed because of her connection with the president, as she knew too much and spread information among ‘the wrong people’.
The most ‘official’ mistress was Sylvia Kristel, famous for her acting in the erotic movie ‘Emmanuelle’. She was almost the second wife of Valery Giscard d’Estaing, a French centre-right politician and president of the French Republic . Sylvia didn’t live in the the Elysee Palace, there was no need for it. The president used to invite her to all official events, took her to his business trips abroad, etc. Everybody knew about that romance, but it wasn’t the most favorite thing to write about for the magazines.
The most unhappy mistress was a lover of President of France Francois Mitterrand, Anne Pingeot. The president gave Anne and their common daughter Mazarine a room in the the Elysee Palace, and tried to hide that fact, which was outrageous for the press. Later, a new president Jacques Chirac’s order was to evict the mistress from the palace. After Mitterrand’s death one more scandal burst out: Anne and Mazarine had to struggle to be present at his funeral, as they were not allowed to be there first. Now Anne can hardly make both ends meet. She works in one of the museums and lives in s small apartment.

The most astute mistress was Bill Clinton’s lover, Monica Lewinsky. Their romance lasted for several months, but it was enough to support a bed of roses till Monica’s dying day. Their relationships have been one of the most scandalous in the history. She was cold-blooded enough to document each their dates in the Oval Office, and she even saved the dress she used to wear for meeting with Clinton. That blue dress became even more popular than Monika. The disclosure of their relationships almost ruined Bill’s career, while for Lewinsky that was a great step into popularity. She wrote a book and traveled around the world with its presentation. The book became a best-seller. This year Monika released a documentary film and took one million author’s emoluments. Artful Mon!
Well, in conclusion I’d love to say that there are other famous mistresses as well, and their biographies are worth while writing one more article.

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